Northwich guardian news article

2012 is proving to be a memorable year.  For the country there is our Queen's Jubilee and hosting the Olympic Games, and on a slightly more modest front, for the people of Northwich, there is the introduction of a totally refurbished Kanya Café Bar on the High Street.

The obvious signs for the customers will be new sign writing, paint work, lighting, air conditioning and television. Then there is the introduction of a new set meal menu.

What they will not see is the brand new kitchen, the whole range of units which enables the staff to produce food worthy of the establishment's new name "Kanya Café Bar and Bistro".

The proprietor has invested much time and money in the belief that the people of Northwich deserve a sophisticated and relaxed venue in which they can enjoy top class catering.

Customers will already have noticed an improvement in the fare which has become the main stay of Kanya. The management is constantly trying out new local suppliers in order to provide customers with the finest possible ingredient for its established menu and, more excitingly for the Bistro menu which will be introduced in the very near future.

Alongside the menu, Kanya will be pleased to offer a range of wines and beers to complement the food.

Kanya updates facebook constantly for news and events, so please join them there.

Staff and management at Kanya Café Bar and Bistro look forward to welcoming you.