Kanya Wishes You All A Very Happy New Year

Kanya Cafe Bar and Bistro wishes all its customers, and those who have yet to become customers, a very happy New Year.

As I look back to 2012 I am reminded of the changes that were instigated in order to provide value for money in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. The major change, which customers will not have seen, was the refitting of the preparation and cooking areas. This has enabled us to offer a wider range of food and has made those areas more efficient.

Another big change was the introduction of evening opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This gave Kanya the opportunity to offer a fine dining experience to the people of Northwich, and it has all come about through the hard work of the staff as they seek to meet the perceived needs of our town.

We now feel very optimistic as we face 2013, but this optimism has to be tempered with the realisation that a new year has not thrown off the global economic difficulties which have become so much part of our lives. In our own country, we are witnessing the closure of chains of shops that have been well-established names on the high street. These closures make national headlines, but in Northwich we know of independent shops which are no longer trading which haven't made headlines but have affected the variety and range of goods on offer, not to mention the problems caused through the loss of jobs.

So, I feel that this year is offering us a challenge - not only how to keep the status quo in regard to the businesses that are currently trading, but how to improve the situation. The challenge is there for the local council, for the Federation of Small Businesses, but primarily it for the individuals who come into Northwich to use its facilities. However hard businesses strive to improve their quality, to offer real value for money, to work together to ensure that the town is an attractive and welcoming trading environment - all is in vain if there are no customers.

Stringency affects us all; we all have to budget the use of our finances. Here is the challenge - as we make financial decisions, where to spend our money, try to think of the broader picture of Northwich. If we want - and I'm sure that we all do - our town to halt the decline in trading, then it's up to individuals to support local businesses. We have to make a conscious effort to decide to maintain, and hopefully improve, the quality of our town by ensuring that our businesses stay in business through your support.

Once again I thank you for the support over the past months and years and look forward to welcoming you at Kanya.

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