The History of Kanya Café


Kanya Café Bar was founded in the year 2004 in premises known as Bank Chambers- formerly a branch of Lloyds Bank.

Early in 2010 the present owner enjoyed a meal there with his wife and thought that this sort of setting was one that he felt he would enjoy running himself. Six months later Kanya was on the market.  It was an opportunity not to be missed. And in August 2010 the business was bought by Nagendra.

Initially he continued to run the business in the way that had been established by the previous owner.  However, it wasn't long before Nagendra wanted to make his own mark on the business by refurbishing the premises with a fresh colour scheme and new furniture. He upgraded the menu, and where possible used local produce and suppliers to show his commitment to the local community. 

These changes were positively received by Kanya's customers but Nagendra had yet more plans.  He recognised that the range of food on offer was limited by the cooking facilities which he had inherited and so he embarked on a total refit of the kitchen.  This was a long and expensive process but it enabled Nagendra to move a step nearer to realising his dream of owning a restaurant.

There was obviously a shortage of venues in Northwich which could offer a sophisticated and relaxed fine-dining experience.  New dishes were launched at lunch time and this led to evening opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Kanya Café Bar now became a bistro with its own evening dress of crisp table linen, sparkling glassware and a range of beers, wines and champagne to complement the menu which is changed on a fortnightly basis.

In spite of the current economic climate Nagendra is determined that this is not the end of his vision.  New ideas for further development are constantly being turned over, so keep an eye on Kanya!